Embodied Flow™ Expression Module, Paros 2018

Embodied Flow™ Expression Module, Paros 2018

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Our voice is one of the most powerful tools as a teacher of yoga. This module is designed to enhance your individual expression, confidence, and communication. 

As you harness your power as a facilitator  you will deepen your skills as an authentic performer, masterful class composer, and inspiring director of flow (profound connectedness) . 

- Find your authentic teaching voice 

- Up level your listening, space holding, and communication skills

- Fine tune your physical and therapeutic adjustments

- Hone your advanced skills of class composition and sequencing 

- Theme appropriately to students in different teaching contexts

- Learn to design your own classes that resonate with students of all levels. 

- Strengthening your vocal/physical instrument

- Learn the art of layering material in a way that carves the space for students to enter into a flow state.  

In the Expression module you will attune your instrument to see, hear and respond to the subtle energetic, physical and psychic layers of what is transcending in your classroom.